Beyonce’s Newest Collaboration

Yonce, in all her glory, has graced us yet again with another deal that will get many Beehivers very excited. The Queen Bee herself is teaming up with Adidas in a new collaboration. Announcing her deal on Instagram on April 26th, it seems as if this is the new platform to spread news fast.

This collection will include a variety of pieces. From sneakers, to slides, and appearal, Bey will bring her own twist to these pieces. It is hard to determine how much she is involved with the design process, however, we know that from Kanye’s departure from Nike and his move to Adidas, it is evident that Adidas does indeed keep their celeb faces in the loop when it comes to designing. Calling it a “partnership of a lifetime,” by Bey herself, this collaboration will be highly anticipated until its launch that will soon be announced.

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